Whether online or offline, all our behaviors leave digital footprints behind. Online surfing generates rich data about what attracts and sustains our interest. Mobile phones know a lot more about us than we typically imagine. Can we use these data to aid reflection over how we spend our days, and help us identify what makes us productive, healthy or happy? And can we design technologies that support us in implemententing changes in our lives?

At the persuasive technology lab, we leverage knowledge from persuasive psychology and behavioral economics to design technologies that aid reflection and behavior change on topics of broad societal relevance, such as health, wellbeing and sustainability.

Our lab is the real world. We design, build and deploy technologies in real life. We observe how people engage with these technologies and what impact these bring onto people’s lives. We then feed this knowledge back into the design process.


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Persuasive Technologies Lab
Dept. of Communication and Internet Studies
Cyprus University of Technology
Anexartisias 94, Iacovides building (3rd floor)
3031 Limassol, Cyprus
tel: 00357 2500 2315



Technologies for Reflection and Behavior Change