Apply to our PhD program by November 30

Cyprus University of Technology opened the call for PhD applications. Successful candidates are expected to start in Spring 2017. Application deadline: 30 November, 2016. The Persuasive Technologies Lab opened one PhD position on the following topic: “Mobile Health (mHealth) Technologies”. More information can be found at 

Description: Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, are a major threat to today’s healthcare systems. They account for nearly 40% of mortality cases and 75% of health care costs worldwide, while researchers predict a 42 percent increase in chronic disease cases by 2023. Much of this can be prevented through an emphasis on healthy lifestyles. Obesity alone, for example, accounts for an estimated 12 percent of the health spending growth in the United States. In this new landscape of healthcare, mobile and wearable technologies, such as physical activity trackers, have recently gained substantial interest both in research and practice as they can provide many benefits, ranging from increased awareness of one’s behaviors, to empowerment and responsibility taking with one’s own health, as well as opportunistic engagement in desired behaviors. The candidate will join an international team which strives to understand the long-term impact mobile health technologies have on individuals’ behaviors and to design and prototype new forms of such technologies. Candidates with strong methodological background in the social sciences will conduct longitudinal studies on users’ engagement with the technology as well as in behavior change, while candidates with a computer science background will work on designing and building new mobile and wearable technologies for behavior change, utilizing sensors available in smartphones and smartwatches and building new ways to visualize information and inspire action towards healthy lifestyles.

Qualifications: Candidates must hold either an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a relevant field with interests in Human-Computer Interaction and experience in mobile development (Android/Android Wear/iOS), or hold an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in the Social Sciences with strong methodological background. The application of each candidate should include a detailed CV along with a brief description of research interests (maximum 2 pages).

Financial Support: Funding may be available from a startup grant and external research funding of the Persuasive Technologies Lab ( Moreover, depending on their field of expertise and qualifications, candidates may be offered teaching assistant positions in the department for lab-based courses.

Research Advisor of the Post: Evangelos Karapanos, Assistant Professor,